SH-RD Red-Ginseng Hair-Activating Shampoo 6.7oz/ 200ml

Shaan Honq SH-RD Red Ginseng Hair- Activating Shampoo

Sulfate Free & Silicone Free

Root- Lifting and Volumizing

Activate Hair follicle

Oil & Dandruff Control

Soothes Itchy Irritated Scalp



You save (16%)

Product detail

Containing Red Ginseng Extract’s Ginsenosides Rg2 to activate hair follicle. Chamomile Essential Oils helps to nourish the hair root and to relieve the discomfort of the scalp. Classic Rooibos Tea and Camellia Green Tea/Black Tea gives UV Protection, Softness and Shine. Zn-PCA helps to reduce sebum production as well as a pH adjuster. Useful in addressing symptoms such as scaling, flakes, tenderness and itching that’s caused from the dandruff and psoriasis. 

Product specification

Directions: Wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat.

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